A personal experience and opinion on assisted suicide

Far more discussion and education are required within the profession before it would be safe or sensible to consider any changes to either the law or the profession's ethical position. The bill is silent as to the nature of the relationship between the patient and the physician who will ultimately prescribe the lethal medication.

The patient, in securing the help of a physician in dying, is said to "retain control" in an otherwise fearful situation because of a perceived ability to determine the time of death. Actually injecting someone with potassium etc. It is dangerous ground, but we must be courageous enough to be compassionate.

This turn of events in states like New Mexico and Oregon is a frightening prospect for persons living with a disability. The patient may desire resolution of psychosocial problems so that the giving of care is no longer a burden to the caregiver. Valentina got the idea from the Brittany Maynard assisted suicide campaign.

Voluntary euthanasia is conducted with consent. But to the astonishment of staff at the Aarhus Hospital, in Denmark, the year-old suddenly opened her eyes and started moving her legs. If I were to die by my own hand or with the intentional involvement of someone else, I know that my children would have a much more difficult time not taking their own lives when facing a serious trial in life.

We believe that far fewer physicians would support the concept of physician-assisted suicide if they had the specific training and experience that oncologists have in dealing with these types of patients and these diagnoses. I have dealt with depression for almost 50 of my 63 years.

Through the assistance of their physicians, patients may also avoid victimization by medical technology in the form of prolongation of suffering. No one deserves to die a painful death and assisted suicide offers people a way to circumvent the horrors of terminal illness. I have warned them of the strong family history of depression and that they should be alert to its signs and symptoms in themselves, in order to get help early.

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Why should it be any different for something as important as my life?

A Personal Experience and Opinion on Assisted Suicide

The patient's physician determines that no alternative exists for relief of the patient's suffering, and that the patient's decision is not influenced by utilitarian considerations of the patient's economic or social situation. Making a decision about helping someone to end their life will never be easy, nor should it be, but I do not believe that allowing a person to die with dignity which does not happen very often in our hospitals at the moment would be an acceptable thing for a doctor to do in the event of a change in the law.

Seventy percent of the respondents said patients who had an incurable terminal illness should have the option of euthanasia. The Netherlands decriminalized doctor-assisted suicide and loosened some restrictions in Oncologists are painfully aware of our own limitations in providing optimal palliative care in every situation.

In a public poll conducted in63 percent of lay respondents favored legalizing physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is when life-sustaining treatments are withheld.

Michael, who called BBC Radio 5 live's Breakfast from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland, said he would not end his own life if his illness worsened, but was constantly being asked by people if he would consider it. What percentage of these cases might have been helped by aggressive psychiatric intervention or spiritual counseling?

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Carina Melchior had had life support withdrawn on the advice of medics and was being prepared for organ donation.Physician Assisted Suicide Creates Legal Opportunity for Hidden Elder Abuse.

Elder financial abuse is a documented fact, costing victims an estimated $ billion each year and can serve as a catalyst for other types of elder abuse.

Euthanasia: Assisted Suicide is Murder. When considering if physician assisted suicide, commonly known as Euthanasia is right or not, ask yourself if you would do it, or have a loved one do it.

The Hawk Eye

John Buchanan highlights some of the major discrepancies between what euthanasia and assisted suicide advocates consider to be a strong basis for their campaign, and what the true facts of the matter are. Myth 1: Public polls are reliable, and a decision about assisted suicide.

The AMA House of Delegates is meeting this week to vote on whether the association should change its opinion on physician-assisted death. Oct 06,  · Doctor-Assisted Suicide Is Unethical and Dangerous care and social support that seriously ill people and their families experience.

Witnessing the suffering of our relatives, friends and, for. Watch video · My experience left me uncomfortable with the term “physician-assisted suicide.” Yet I am entirely supportive of laws like Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act, which allow terminally ill people.

A personal experience and opinion on assisted suicide
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