Educating rita is a dramatic comedy english literature essay

They are both different classes, Rita being from a working class family that is not prosperous or well educated although Frank is a middle class man who has a descent house and is very well educated. The Rita we saw earlier would not have done this.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Stage directions — Bangs fist on table. In the very last scene of Act 1 we discover that Rita has also taken the momentous step to leave her husband Denny.

I think Willy Russell created an interval on purpose for impact on the audience because the changes taking place in Frank and Rita after the interval will be very obvious to the audience.

This can be shown to be true as Frank is holding a mug at his side. With all the support and comfort from Frank, Rita has learned to have confidence in herself again.

Rita has developed her knowledge of English literature.

Educating Rita Essay

This shows the audience that something is different with Frank and suggests that it may not be the only different thing. The foundation for that is laid down in this scene, when the audience are confused by the new Rita they have seen.

Frank towards the end of their lessons becomes disheartened because of what he has seen Rita become. When Rita gets back from summer school she has changed, she is more confident and she thinks she is educated. The consequences of his actions has a long term effect on their relationship. Nobody calls me Rita but you.

You lit my fire Frank. This shows a development in Frank as he has changed his mind about his poetry.

Monologue for Educating Rita

Frank is quite surprised with Rita and what she is like. Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Frank is an educated man, albeit a troubled one, which is perhaps the reason for his pessimistic outlook on life. However, to our surprise, Frank jubilantly pulls out a bottle of Whisky and pours himself a drink.

Franks character in the play is cynical and bitter. Equal opportunities in the way that women are expected to have babies and stay at home all day but in his play Rita breaks away from every one else and gets an education and he shows how hard it is to get an education.

He even makes something Rita says into a joke. Hire Writer During the play Russell shows that the class system is apart of modern society and Rita kind of wants to change classes, from working to middle, she doesnt know how to chose and has little education.

He has had many failed relationships, which imply that he is emotionally stunted, and drinks to keep his problems away. Earlier in the play, Rita would not have used this term.

Educating Rita Summary: Frank and Rita’s Relationship Essay

You wanna get it fixed! But I had to make her conform to pass her exams, I never wanted to, I never wanted to take away the bit about her that I loved in order to achieve what she wanted, that was selfish of me, I called her my Frankenstein!

In conclusion we can see that Act 2 Scene 1 is very significant in the play. Russell also uses comedy at the end of the scene when he makes Frank say something sarcastically. In the next couple of days Rita comes to Franks office to apologise, this shows the audience that she still cares about him even though previously she was swallowed up with self pride and arrogance.

This is where Frank comes in. This scene is also very entertaining due to devices that Russell has used within it.

He tries to hide this from Rita. This is perfectly normal as Rita learns how to socialise with other individuals despite the social class barrier and gains confidence; this process is a complete role reversal as Frank is now relying on her.

Franks reaction to this is bitter with jealousy which drives Rita further away from him. This is different from the last time we saw her, because then she was wearing old clothes.

Frank develops largely and one scene I hove chosen to look at where frank develops is Act 2 Scene 1.Educating Rita is a dramatic comedy play written by Willy Russell surrounding a twenty six year old working class woman Rita White, on a quest to achieve education, respect and a sense of “what it’s like to be free”, her dream is aided by her sarcastic, cynical middle class English tutor Frank.

Educating Rita.

Length: words. Let us write you a custom essay sample on. Educating Rita. This shows us that Rita is developing not only in her English literature study, but also in a cultural sense. Nearer the end of the scene things are more dramatic as the changes in Rita are shown more and Frank is reacting to them.

This drama. Educating rita Essay ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Russell Themes Class, Culture This is a play that makes us think about class and culture- how different they are for people and also their impact on. - Pygmalion and Educating Rita: Language and Identity This essay is based on the reading of two literary plays, George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and Willy Russell’s Educating Rita.

Language and identity are two expressions that need to be explained. Educating Rita only focuses on two main characters. This is not normally used because a really good plot would be needed to keep the audience interested. The advantage of this is the audience can easily see and understand the relationship between the main characters.

The two characters Rita and Frank contrast in class and education. Rita Educating which Russell Willy by written comedy stage a is Rita Educating (31, Literature English he because entertaining and dramatic, Geography ).

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Educating rita is a dramatic comedy english literature essay
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