The halloween storm of 1991

Luke's hospital around 5 a. The development of low pressure systems along coastal fronts in this fashion is relatively common in the cool season along the Texas Gulf Coast and along the Atlantic Seaboard near the Gulf Stream current.

Between 5 and 5: As the day went on and the snow predictions increased, I was doubting that Kathy and I would be able to go home for the weekend.

The snowstorm that started on a Thursday night affected nearly everyone's life. Wind speeds of 30 to 50 mph, and gusts to 60 mph on November 1st and 2nd, created blizzard conditions across eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, western Iowa, and extreme western Wisconsin.

Remembering the Halloween Blizzard of 1991

A blessing from the storm It's all my husband's fault. Then it got even more meteorologically complex.

Perfect storm hits North Atlantic

I remember us thinking the snow would never melt, and where would it all go? The heavy snow started falling in The halloween storm of 1991 afternoon of Halloween. As it did so, a strong area of high pressure was burgeoning over eastern Canada, producing a tremendous pressure gradient between the high and the lowering pressure of the gale center.

Halloween Storm of 1991

Eleven counties in southern Minnesota were declared federal disaster areas, and 52 counties in Iowa were declared disaster areas. Snow began in Duluth at about 1 p. The low pressure eventually became occluded, weakened, and then continued to dissipate as it pushed east across northern Ontario in subsequent days.

We managed to make it up the icy snowy hill as far as the Boys and Girls Club and parked in their lot, hoping that such a charitable organization would be so to us.

The National Guard was called upon to help provide generators to rural farmsteads. At that time, he reported waves between 30 to 40 feet, and wind gusts up to 80 knots, which would be about mph. Most businesses were closed on Friday, Nov. The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center was in its infancy, and I spent a lot of time volunteering there.

Thank God for the megastorm. Normally a just-under-three-hour trip, it took us a full six hours to reach Duluth. Thundersnow and gale-force winds and plummeting temperatures. I safely brought everyone home and parked the car in the backyard. Lots of walking in waist-deep snow but once we got our supplies we hunkered down for the weekend.

Snow, Sleet, and Freezing Rain Blanket the Upper Midwest By mid-morning on Halloween, a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain blanketed southeast Minnesota and much of eastern Iowa.

Halloween Blizzard/Ice Storm of 1991

Cooler readings lingered at the very end of October across the Upper Midwest, and a re-inforcing shot of Arctic air was just beginning to push southeast through the western Canadian Provinces. Niles Batdorf delivered Amy, but had to get to the hospital from his home in Lakeside on his cross-country skis.

By October 30th, the cold front had reached the Texas shoreline with the Gulf of Mexico, and stalled in that location.

Tragically, the Captain had to make a decision.

25 Years Ago: A Perfect Storm, an Unnamed Hurricane, and a Historic Halloween Midwest Blizzard

I was pregnant and took my 3-year-old daughter, Emily, trick-or-treating on Halloween night. I put the trick-or-treat candy away, turned off the lights, grabbed my sister and my Sorel boots, and headed out. After that it was a whiteout and time to close the door and end this Halloween for the trick-or-treaters two hours earlier than normal.Oct 31,  · Whether you lived through it or have only heard the stories, the Halloween blizzard of was truly something to remember.

You can see the evolution of this development in this YouTube video clip with Stu Ostro’s analysis from The Weather Channel’s coverage of the storm. The Halloween Blizzard of Also known as the Perfect Storm, the Halloween Storm of took shape on Oct.

28 and 29 before going on to batter the Atlantic coast with monster waves, flood tides and raking winds. Also known as the Perfect Storm, the Halloween Storm of took shape on Oct. 28 and 29 before going on to batter the Atlantic coast with monster waves, flood tides and raking winds.

25 photos that perfectly capture the Halloween blizzard of 1991

An ordinary extra-tropical storm off Atlantic Canada formed the seed of this storm, but it was heavily "fertilized" with tropical energy from Hurricane Grace, which churned near Bermuda. On Halloween morning, a low pressure system developed over southeast Texas and moved rapidly north northeast, reaching its maximum intensity ( mb) just east of Marquette, MI around midnight November 2nd.

This storm became known as the Halloween Blizzard in most of Minnesota and the Halloween Ice. The Halloween Blizzard of The snowstorm that hit parts of the area starting around Halloween (October 31 - November 3) in was an impressive storm in many respects, and it is still remembered by many people across the Northland.

The halloween storm of 1991
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